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Recorded and Mixed by Nathanial Hawkins at William Paterson University.

Mastered by Kyle Cooke


released June 2, 2017

Guitar/lead vocals- Kyle Cooke
Bass/backup vocals- Glenn Haines
Drums- Alex Bencivenne
Gang vocals- Olivia Riggio, Joey Felano, Nick Iacobelli



all rights reserved


American Weird Beers Jersey

surf, rock, punk, emo.... call it whatever you want. our job is to kick-ass and your job is to listen.

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Track Name: Another Me
sometimes I feel
there's another me out there
I know the feelings real
when I look up in the sky and stare

cuz when I look around me
I don't know where I am
across the vacant sea
there's another man

looking up
at the stars
the same things that I am

If there is more
than just one universe
then I am sure
that's why my life is cursed

I hope that you are living
a life that's better than mine
I hope that you are singing
songs that sound just fine

and looking up
at the stars
that way I
know I'm not alone
no I'm not alone
Track Name: Shut Up
so you think you're right when you know you're wrong
I've been thinkin' 'bout this all day long
I want to shove your words back down your throat
instead of jumping ship I'll just tip the boat

every time we talk
doesn't matter what I say
you always cut me off
repeating the same shit back to me

you say that words hurt but i think you're pretending
ending your whole life over minor offenses
and I don't understand just why you're so soft
but whenever you try to explain I get lost

common everybody know what i mean
it's like their always jacked up on caffeine
they're too arrogant to admit when they're wrong
doesn't matter what you say the fight will go on

if that person is you
you probably had no idea
your friends can't stand you
but they're all too nice to say it

cuz you are the worst kind of person alive
and I don't want to talk about politics
you pick and choose but you can't decide
and I don't ever wanna see your face anymore
I am running out the door

Track Name: Wet Cigarettes
the rains coming down harder and harder every second that passes by
the only company that we have is our wet cigarettes
and we're stuck in line with nothing but
graffiti stained bricks to our right
the unfamiliar faces shiver just the same
as our own
and we can't remember
where we parked the car

Sunday night, it's 30 degrees and we're dreaming of shelter
from the cold Philadelphia air
just when we lost all hope
a man came by with a bag of thin mints for us all to share

but all we do is stare
down at the ground
making jokes just to distract ourselves from ourselves
Track Name: Thankful I Haven't Died
I never thought that
you'd act the same way ever again
so I begin to analyze the facts
and it still doesn't make any sense

you once told me that
all life is precious and equal in your eyes
so I look up, to the birds in the sky
and feel thankful that I haven't died

and in my heart I always knew
I'd never lose sight of you anyway
Track Name: Floral Headband
if some of the times we've spent together are the best I've ever had
then how come when I remember them I always end up sad?
and now it doesn't feel right when you text me late at night
I just want to move on, hang with my friends and write songs
about the better times that we're having together

don't tell me you miss me cuz even though I miss you too
I'm messed up now and I'll never be the same

I never thought I'd be so scared
of my own depression
that I'd learn so much about myself
more than I ever could with you

you won't see me cry
because there are no tears left
Track Name: You Never Did
I'll strike up a conversation to ask you how you've been
but you probably won't answer since you're better off with him

I'm sorry I came along at the wrong time
or at least that's what I tell myself

if you see me just hanging around I hope you'll say hello just cuz I miss you and need to know

that he treats you fair
do you let him play with your hair
till you fall asleep?

Ive been waiting all day
for you to say
that you don't love me anymore
or at least that you never did
Track Name: Sick Of Living
just because I'm so sick living doesn't mean I wanna die
but I won't tell you why
you're everything to me and more but I'll never admit it
instead I'll cower behind my bedroom door

summer nights spent all alone
the winter nights are just the same

binging Netflix and drinking beer is all I have to distract me
from myself

cuz all these lonely nights
make me wish I was dead

motivation is so hard to find nowadays
capitalist society claims there's a million ways
to be happy and achieve you dreams
but I'm out of college with no money
Track Name: Backpain
I told my parents that I wanna sleep on floors
once I'm out of college and searching for something more
than this American Dream or so it's called

cuz I can't breathe, I'm suffocating
from the weight of everyone's expectations of me
and I can't fucking breathe

fuck the government
and my shitty job
we want new management
cuz the president's a slob
just like me

I don't care I will sleep on floors
eat real poor till I can't no more
sleep on the streets as the people ignore
broken hands and teeth that complete this war

it's all words in context
blow up the world and it glows like a prom dress
ah and it's the American Weird Beers
if you see us comin' through what you should do is steer clear, yeah
Track Name: Get Off My Dune
get off
of my dune
I planted my flag
and there's no more room

I'm gonna pretend
like you're my friend

cuz I just met you
but your friend's kinda cute
and I wanna take her back to my room

so maybe just this one time
I'll let it slide
and play along and we'll wait for high tide

I'll take you back
you know the water's great and that's how we relate
cuz when everybody's swimming you and I disagree
why you staring at me as I drown in the sea?

now the water's overflowing with all your tears
the shark is near comin' from the rear
so life guard stands at the top of a chair
he's standing right over there
so everybody can hear
and yo, everybody listen to what I say!
Track Name: Boardwalk Circus
come pick me up off the floor
I've never been this drunk before
bring me coffee and cigarettes
and I'll add them to my list of regrets

I'm not gonna remember what you said
about no longer being friends
and that's okay
I'm used to waking up alone anyway

i won't move to the city
but I hate suburbia and the open country
if there's a place for me
it's a boardwalk circus by the sea

so as my vision starts to collapse
please reconsider
don't leave me here in the sand
instead lay down next to me and take my hand