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My friends inspired me with their silly song names and all the good times we shared at college to create this album. The album is in a way the story of my summer. I wrote and recorded each song as the summer (and I) progressed.


released August 4, 2015



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surf, rock, punk, emo.... call it whatever you want. our job is to kick-ass and your job is to listen.

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Track Name: Leaf Blower In My Face
sliding down the fire escape again
sitting on the sidewalk where it all began
and i can't forget the sight of you,
staring at the mailbox thinking what else can I do
you said you thought I was lucky to,
know what it felt like living in a place without you

the drives have gotten longer than they used to be
if you're looking for something to say please don't look at me
leaving late headed nowhere
I let you choose the music so that it can be fair
the silence in between the songs
is the only chance I'll ever get to right all my wrongs
Track Name: Herpie Slerpie
ran late again, standing outside in the parking lot
hands clenched, in fists, fuck the guy that took up two whole spots
and I'm seeing in my mind again all the shadows that linger near
ever since age 15 my thoughts haven't been so clear

and the clock is running on and on and
the sun took a break, clouds covered the sky and
I wondered if my chance was blown and
if this boring life would come to an end

I've been wasting away
worried about my past
counting down the days
how long is this gonna last?
Track Name: Mooning The Moon
where the death decades like a lost and found
if you can't see me just follow the sound
you gotta be like me or you'll drown deep under the sea
it's been a long time coming and I wanna meet you on the ground
and in the somber silence I won't hear a single somber sound

We just took off and pointed towards the only way I could afford
a shortened path with no real turns where my dreams always seem ot burn

the only plan I could seem to figure out is the only thing I can talk about
You can't forget what I still haven't thought about
cuz there's no time left to shout
Track Name: Love Paradox
like a Vikings funeral you sent me off in flames

I thought we were unstoppable
but now you've forgotten my name

and sometimes I dream about
the memories that sailed away
despite all the pain inside my heart
I've still got to face the day

and as the mast split in two
so did my still beating heart
the flames they raged as the wind it blew
and my ship slowly tore apart

and sometimes I still dream about
all the memories that sailed away
despite the pieces of what's left of my heart
I've still got to face the day

so I'll collect all the pieces and swim to back to shore
collect my thoughts drag my feet and search for
another you a better me and everything in between
I gotta reach the other side where the grass is always green

and I know I will, I can't forget, the circumstances that have left me stagnant
Track Name: Acceleration Equation
it's Saturday night and were stuck inside
got this feeling that I can't hide
so I decided that we should leave

though I expected some delay
you both looked at me to say
hell yeah that sounds rad
thank god we're young

the tires squealed as I hit the gas
I was driving way too fast
but no one said to slow down

with no place to go and no one to see
you both left it up to me
what the hell were you thinking
I always get lost

I started wondering
is this the right place?
that's when I realized
I'm a disgrace
Track Name: Soft Serve Sperm
we walked to my car in the freezing cold
as you shivered and said this has gotten old
moonlit landscapes shrouding my window pane
as the deafening silence drives me insane

we sat in the street right next to Wendey's
and a locked up liquor store was some kind of metaphor

we sat in my car all alone
you just stared at your phone
eating drive through fast food
puts you in a bad mood
Track Name: Sushi Tushi
when I think about you and the times that we spent together
staring out at the skyline late night drives in bad weather

If only I'd only met you sooner I could've loved you longer

you once said life is like music and so I listened to the sound
I heard the thump of my heartbeat this certainty that I have found

human beings must all work together to make a beautiful sound
Track Name: Sup, Nup Lup?
it's 8:45 and I can't seem to drink anymore
I know when we came here you expected more from me
and I can't begin to summarize my thoughts on the things surrounding us
I'd rather just leave and get back on the bus

saturday nights are not alright it's so intimidating when they turn out the lights
I thought this was one of those days where you forgot my name

but is this what you want I can't even tell by the look on your face
I've avoided the things on my mind, the things I've wanted to say
now I'm staring at the bottom of an empty bottle in my hand with the other on your thigh

I'm searching for some kind of clue that you might give me so I'd know what to do
but you wont so now I'm stuck with all these assumptions about what you really want
Track Name: Movie Theater Thot
I'm just another kid
I'm feeling lazy again
I think I'll stay in bed
but you'll never know when I'll wake up
I'm sick of feeling my heart
whether it's good or bad I just want to throw up
it all seems the same
I'll forget my heart and follow my brain

another broken heart
I should've stayed alone
what have I done?
I'm counting down the minutes since you've been gone
I stay in bed all day
always thinking about yesterday
all the mistakes I've made
you're just another one and I'll get over it

but I'm not giving up, at least not for today
I won't regret who I was yesterday
Though I won't remember this when I wake up
I'll just have to figure it all out again
Track Name: Finger My Water Bottle
The point of my pen is fearless. leaving marks like fossils on the pages underneath. every stroke a memory forever embedded on the fibers of pages each with their own memories. and now the two stories meet, a kaleidoscope of experiences forever intertwined. while I have the selfishness to consider them mine

whether here or there I find myself wanting what's on the other side
just like the battles between my heart and my mind

I sit down to write despite the lack of vision
am I wasting my time or am I just drunk?